Global Art Thailand’s Study Tour to Malaysia

Sawadeeka! A warm welcome to Global Art Thailand! It was an exciting day for Global Art Headquarters in Malaysia as its partners from its neighboring country, Thailand visited the office as part of a study tour.

The team consisted of officials from Global Art Headquarters Thailand and 23 franchisees, representing each state of Thailand. Since its establishment in Malaysia in 1999, over the years, Global Art has only organized its inter-change study tours across its global networks between Global Art Malaysia and its master franchisees.

This year marks a special occasion to Global Art’s 20-years journey as Global Art takes a step in promoting the idea of inter-change study tours amongst its master franchisees and franchisees across 18 countries. Through the implementation of these study tours, Global Art not only aims to celebrate cultural diversity and the strengthening of bonds amongst its franchisees and teachers, but to also equip them with the latest teaching methodologies and concepts of various countries.

See you again at our next grand 2019 International Art Competition in Singapore, hosted by  Global Art Singapore!