Top 10 Skills


One of the most important character traits we can teach our children is accountability. Accountability depends on a child’s understanding of what is expected of them. As children progress through our multi-level art & creative program, they learn to be accountable for their actions and contributions in a classroom.

For instance, when children commit to finishing their artwork, they will learn the importance of responsibility in planning and preparing ahead when completing their artwork or when participating in a classroom activity.

Problem Solving

Artistic creations are born through the solving of problems. For instance, how would a child communicate a certain idea or emotion through a piece of art? When problem solving is incorporated into art lessons, children experience a creative process, where they are encouraged to make decisions in finding multiple answers to a given problem. Not only that, when in a classroom environment, children will also begin to understand that everyone has their own unique perspective when solving a problem.

Practicing problem solving develops children’s skills in reasoning and understanding. Children will then learn to identify a problem, break it down and develop different ways in approaching it, like how do I turn this piece of G-Clay into a sculpture? how do I express myself through this painting?

Creative problem-solving is therefore crucial as it allows children to socialize and connect better with those of different opinions and it also encourages them to think of new ways when solving problems. This is a vital skill necessary for success in any career.

Click on the video to see how a student in her Junior level solve a problem during her lesson.


The main ingredient of dedication is hard work. When kids practice following through with completing a drawing or painting or even a course level, they learn to associate dedication with a feeling of achievement. Not only that, when kids practice being dedicated to a task, they learn that hard work involves a right attitude, self-discipline, focus and perseverance in the process.

These healthy habits are especially encouraging when countering obstacles that lie in their path towards success.



Develops Focus

One of the key skills that children develop through art is the ability to focus. For instance, activities like knitting, drawing and painting requires paying close attention to details, hence children will learn to finish what they started and this is especially useful in developing attention spans in younger children.

While engaging in classroom activities, children will also learn to balance listening and contributing, which also requires focus and concentration. This is vital for studying and learning in class and it is a necessary skill for success in any career.

Boost Confidence

As kids progress through our creative program, they become more confident when they are able to contribute their ideas and create their own piece of art or craft. This confidence enables kids to express their personality and boosts their self-esteem, driving them to achieve greater success in all aspects of their life.

With a healthy self-esteem & confidence, kids will flourish. Children are being pushed to develop academic skills from an early age, yet all the intellectual skills in the world are of little value without the confidence to put them to use.